Lucha Libre

Luchadores fighting in the mexican city of Xochimilco! (to be published)

Walking to Do
A travel journal webcomic about loving comics and finding ourselves, co created with Coni Yovaniniz.

Everything Will Be Okay

Link for Comixology
What if everything wasn’t okay? A sci-fi adventure written by Matt D. Wilson. Feelin’ Fine Productions, 2018.

Elisa y los Mutantes

Creator owned project about the adventures of a college freshman fighting college jerkmans, self published 2017.

Anatema: Las Seis Revelaciones del Padre Anzuelos

Get it in spanish
A priest, a demon and a some safety pins walk into a bar… Published by Editorial Piedrangular in 2013.

Alien Youth

Dumb stories about the world worst hardcore punk band in Chile. Self published 2012.


Tales From La Vida

Not Forgotten

Illustration or Other stuff

Long Stories Cut Short