The Do Over

Writer: Three friends decide to start a business together and hijinks ensue. A middle grade graphic novel drawn by Coni Yovaniniz to be published in 2023 by Clarion Books

Walking to Do
A travel journal webcomic about loving comics and finding ourselves, co created with Coni Yovaniniz.

Everything Will Be Okay

What if everything wasn’t okay? A sci-fi adventure written by Matt D. Wilson. Caliber Comics, 2020.

Elisa y los Mutantes

Creator owned project about the adventures of a college freshman fighting college jerkmans, self published 2017.

Anatema: Las Seis Revelaciones del Padre Anzuelos

Get it in spanish
A priest, a demon and a some safety pins walk into a bar… Published by Editorial Piedrangular in 2013.

Alien Youth

Dumb stories about the world worst hardcore punk band in Chile. Self published 2012.


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Tales From La Vida

Not Forgotten

Illustration or Other stuff

Long Stories Cut Short