The Do-Over

Clarion Books, 2023. Writer. Three friends decide to start a business together and hijinks ensue. A middle grade graphic novel drawn by Coni Yovaniniz. You can find links to different stores at the Harper Collins website.

WALK (2022)

Self-published, 2022. Artist and Writer. An anthology of everything me and Coni Yovaniniz have been working on the side of making our first book. Get yourself a digital copy!

Walking to Do

Webcomic, ongoing. A travel journal webcomic about loving comics and finding ourselves, co created with Coni Yovaniniz.

Everything Will Be Okay

Caliber Comics, 2020. Artist. What if everything wasn’t okay? A sci-fi adventure written by Matt D. Wilson.

Elisa y los Mutantes

Self-Published, 2017. Artist and plotter. Creator owned project about the adventures of a college freshman fighting college jerkmans.


The Lizard Prince and Other South American Stories (Iron Circus, 2023)

I did a story called The Bum Who Tricked the Devil. It got a Kirkus star. Get it over here!

Tid-Bits: BEAT Sized comics for your heart (2022)

You can download it over here! (Donation suggested!)

Tidbits: Bite Sized comics for your heart (2021)

Tales From La Vida

You can get it over here!

Not Forgotten

Apparently SOME forgotten, it was a kickstarter thing and it’s nowhere to be found.

Illustration or Other stuff

Long Stories Cut Short

You can get it over here!