What Music They Make!

Inktober Challenge 2016

Freaks, spooks and ghouls; goblins, queers and goons; with every sort of ghastly ghosts, all kinds of lovely tunes; could petrify the soul of those, who blinded by their night lights; upset the buzz made by the lamp that guards you while you sleep tight.

Between the shadows, in your bed, you hear the humming of the dead, by cackling fires of horror. Some imps start playing songs of doom, to set the mood, shrieking the room with muffled rock and roll. A pirate flute, a gremlin blow, a sound so deep that grabs your toe, that forest underneath. A tingling web with rattling sounds, the feel of not being from around, just melting to the beat. A dreadful monkey plays cymbals, some demons pogo till they fall; this swamp is full of cliffs; that slip you through the darkest trails to underwater piano scales with eerie harmonies.

Listen to them, children of the night… What music they make!

Enjoy the babbling racket emited by the creeps: from scarecrow blues with monster sweeps to moonlit howling riffs. Where brains can never rest, where music always speaks. A place to share this weirdosphere, a place for all to exist. So come along, don’t be afraid, you’ve always knew the mist. These clacking bones and haunting tones are things you can’t resist. Just a grab a pinch of noise, then choose a scary pitch, and shiver through these pages hearing everything you see. If strangeness comes to get you, my friend, you will have to agree, that strangeness is the best you’ve got to treat normality. So hop onboard, just don’t be scared, and bark your oddest melody while surfing
through this monsterland that gives the treat to trickery. Welcome fellow mutant, hope you feel at home.

Fernando de Peña